Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do you need a little giggle therapy? Doctor Kimolie is here!

I am a firm believer in the therapeutic healing power of laughter and proudly carry the title of Christian Comedian.  

I am a stand up comedian, my material is clean, highly relatable, and suitable for all audiences, ages and ethnicities -- but most importantly, it makes you giggle!  

One of my main goals is to prove and reinforce the fact that 'Church folks' also enjoy relaxing and having a great time, as much as anyone else. 

Stand up comedy is my strength, I've also been blessed with a gift for writing, event coordination and hosting, talent coordination, as well as production.  

I feel most alive connecting with people, especially by inspiring, motivating, and touching the hearts of others --young and old alike.  

I aim to offer a progressive and eye-opening approach to the realities of our society.

  I've been described as charismatic, fresh, and in-tune with the public-at-large, as well as with the individual wants and woes of our world.  

Best of all ~ I am ready and available for your upcoming events!!!
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